5 Easy Flower Arrangement Tips for Beginners

Being a florist is not only a passionate hobby, but also a lucrative profession. Nowadays, a lot of event organizers are looking for credible florist to help style their event.

If you are looking forward on making flower arranging a full-time career, then follow these tips given by flower arrangement Dubai experts:

Keep the water temp in mind

As soon as you got your blooms, put them in the water immediately. It would be best to use warm water to help closed buds to open fully. Leave the flowers soaked in the water for a day or two to Also, be sure to use clean water. Fresh and clean water have fewer bacteria and can delay the wilting of the blooms. And do not forget to add some flower food to extend its life span

Choose complementary colors

If this is your first time to make your own flower arrangement, you can by choosing blooms with different shades (blue, light blue, etc.) and create a monochromatic arrangement. Once you mastered the shade combination and texture, you can proceed on creating arrangement using flowers with different colors and hue. But be sure to follow the theme and the design concept of the event.

Mind the height and size

The height and size of the flowers is quite important when creating a flower arrangement. Put in place the larger blooms first then put the smaller flowers next. This is to ensure that the arrangement is evenly filled and no space is left without a flower. In terms of the height, be sure that the arrangement is much taller than your vase or container. Also check if the height and width of the bouquet is balanced.

Choose a one-of-a-kind container

Choosing the vase is as important as the flower arrangement. Pick containers that complements the theme of the event and also can hold the flower arrangement firmly. It should highlight the flower arrangement, but not to overpower them.

Keep the blooms is place

Keeping the flowers in place is hard, unless you are using a foam. But it is placed in a water, used a tape to create a grid on the vase or container. This will hold the stems in place. You can also crisscross the stems on the vase so the bloom will stay in place.

Save the leaves for fillers

The leaves are often discarded but you can still use these as fillers on your foam and arrangement. The leaves can also add much need texture on the arrangement and break the color monotony brought by flowers with same shades. You can even use the larger leaves to give your vase an interesting look by wrapping them around the container. Save the leaves and do not let them to dry.

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