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Fun Activities To Try With Your Child Before Starting Nursery School

Fun Activities To Try With Your Child Before Starting Nursery School

Starting nursery school is a significant milestone for young children and their parents. Before your child starts nursery school, it’s essential to spend quality time with them and prepare them for this new phase of their lives. Here are some fun activities to try with your child before starting nursery in Barsha Heights:


Role-playing is an excellent way to prepare your child for the routines and activities they will encounter in nursery school. You can create scenarios where your child is the teacher and you are the student, or vice versa. This can help them feel more comfortable with the idea of going to school and practicing new skills.


Reading is a fun and easy way to promote your child’s language development and literacy skills. Choose books that relate to nursery school themes, such as ABCs, colors, and shapes. Reading together also creates a special bond between you and your child.

Arts and crafts:

Arts and crafts activities promote creativity and imagination. You can create art projects that relate to nursery school themes, such as making a backpack or creating a picture of your favorite animal. These activities help your child develop fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration.


Playdates with other children can help your child develop social skills, practice sharing, and learn how to interact with others. Arrange playdates with other children who will also be attending nursery school to help your child feel more comfortable and familiar with their future classmates.

Outdoor play:

Outdoor play helps your child develop gross motor skills, strength, and coordination. Go for walks, play at the park, or play catch in the backyard. Outdoor play also promotes curiosity and exploration.


Cooking activities can help your child learn about measuring, counting, and following directions. You can make simple recipes together, such as cookies or fruit salad. Cooking activities promote healthy eating habits and introduce your child to new foods.

Music and dance:

Music and dance activities promote rhythm, coordination, and creativity. You can sing nursery rhymes or dance to your child’s favorite songs. Music and dance activities also help your child develop emotional and social skills.

Spending quality time with your child before starting nursery school can help them feel more comfortable and prepared for this new phase of their lives. Try these fun activities with your child, such as role-playing, reading, arts and crafts, playdates, outdoor play, cooking, and music and dance.