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How to learn the English language

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When someone is applying to go for the visa application to go abroad then he or she must have to pass the English teat known as IELTS Dubai. You have to pass that exam with 7 or plus bands otherwise you will considered as fail participant and then you need to reattempt that test. It is impossible to get the visa o any English country without passing this test. You also need to know how to speak English because when you go to any English country then you have to communicate with people there in this language. For this purpose you need to take classes to learn English speaking

Speaking a language like English is not a very difficult task if you pay attention to the rules and the way other people are speaking. Here are some rules for you to follow if you want to learn how to speak in English effectively:

Grammar: Grammar of any language is all about the rules, dos and donts of any language. You must have to be familiar about the grammar of English when you start learning that. But it is a tip to never memorize those rules because you will get nothing by memorizing them. You have to learn them with proper understanding and then try to apply them first in simple sentences. You have to go slow in the beginning but then you can take a speed to learn once you get to know about the rules. Do not concentrate too much on the rules when you start speaking because native people do not emphasize too much on that when they speak.

Listen: You will get a lot of things when you listen more. It is advisable to listen to news channels and watch movies without captions. You can start watching with captions but with time you have to train yourself to listen and understand without captions. When you start listening more then you will know how they construct a sentence and how to deliver the words with appropriate emotions.

Speak: One rule to get your hands on English or any other language is to speak and speak more no matter how bad you deliver the sentences. You will learn the correct language when you speak more like a child who does not know about any grammar but he will learn to understand eventually by speaking.