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How to throw a summer birthday party

Summers are so fun especially when paired with birthdays. There are so many creative ideas and ways to throw a summer kids party Dubai and make the fun double or triple with these cool hacks and tips.

Splash it Up

Get your indoor pools in the yard and fill it up with water balloons. Play fun little tricks and games on your child and his friends. Help them get wet in this heated summer. Throw balloons on each other, fill the indoor pool with water and do anything that you like with this little tool.

Oh and don’t forget the water guns and water pipes.

Movie in the yard

Whether it is a movie in the yard with family or friends, it is still going to be super fun. Get some popcorn and snacks and get ready to spend the whole night watching your favourite cartoon and kids movies back to back. Movie can be best when paired up with a fun little game in between each of those where you would discuss some points or do quizzes.

Summer treats

Get all the kids in your kitchen and make some real cool treats which will be yummy as well as fun to make. Bunties and chocolate chips and everything else. Get everything on to the kitchen counter and keep the kids busy while you prepare the backyard and decorate it with the balloons and everything else.

Bubble bubbles

Twist your simple pool parties into something more fun such as bubble party. Get all your bath bombs and bubble up the pools. Don’t forget the little bubble rings which kids love. Like this, they will also be cleaned and refreshed in this summer heat. Let go of all your worries and let the kids have fun and break all the rules.

Themed Birthdays

Every kid loves some kind of cartoon or game for which they can go to any limits. Turn that dream cartoon into reality as you set up a huge themed birthday party which works out for everyone. From the cake to the decor all the way to dress coordination everything needs to be themed. Whether it is angry bird or Alice in Wonderland, you can be worry free that the party will be enjoyed to its full limits.

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