Keeping Basics In View Before Playing Golf

Golf is an interesting game. It has been played by many years now and is equally famous in many countries around the world. Playing golf may not be as easy as it looks. You need to get a proper grip of the stick, the glove and even the ball. First, you should learn to grip the club. A golf club looks similar to your ordinary club apart from the fact that it is made from metal and is more flexible. As far as its appearance is concerned, it looks more like a Hockey stick. However, we are not talking about Ice Hockey here, rather Field Hockey. Though field hockey itself is a very popular game, comparing the two games may be a little unfair, especially when one is played by one man only while the other requires eleven players. keeping this in mind, you should make up your mind about playing golf despite the expensive equipment you might need to buy or the extra time you will end up spending on the course.

A quick tour to the city will allow you to see several high class Dubai golf courses . Naturally, it makes no sense to expect anything less than world class when you are here in Dubai. The same is the case with golf courses. Interestingly, each golf course appears more like an international one instead of a local one meant to allow a decent course for local enthusiasts to practice. However, the very look of these golf courses can be quite mind blowing and may leave you dumbfounded. It will happen time and again as long as you are practicing in the gold course that you will think of yourself as an international player practicing in a world class course. Here is more on why practicing in a golf course is always a much better idea:

Great Learning Experience

As you know, Dubai is a busy place and thousands come to visit this city every single day. This means that while you are practicing in the course, you have a pretty decent chance of finding some professional player also practicing with you. That would be something, and imagine what precious tricks and tips you will be able to learn from the pro. Also, you may become a professional player too and be able to participate in some prestigious golf Dubai tournament in a few years from now.