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Things to look for when viewing a house

Changing houses can be a very stressful process itself but one of the first steps to the ladder would be going through several houses and looking for the perfect one. No matter how experienced you are in the race of looking for the right house, here are a few things which you may always forget or get distracted by the alluring interiors. Keep an eye out on the following ones and then call best movers and packers in Dubai to get through:

  • Drive by

Drive by is one of the most important things which will be noticed when entering the house. If that area can’t leave a good first impression then we believe you may want to reconsider the choice. You can drive around the neighbourhood and get a clear idea of what’s happening in there during the day and if it will be fine and suitable for you at night as well.

  • Make a list about things to ask

You may want to consider making a list of things which you would like to question from the house owners as it is not uncommon for things to slip off mind when you are actually there. A virtual list will help you in reminding all the important things you would like to know and make the task easier.

  • Don’t go alone

Take your partner or family friend with you at the viewing as it could help you with safety and security concerns as well as taking a second opinion or advice. You could be exhausted or allured by the pretty designs that you may forget to look for things which actually matters such as a good neighbourhood or a dripping sink.

  • Plumbing

This is very important considering the fact that water is your daily life’s need and if the plumbing is not fixed enough, you would be stressed all the time. A dripping sink or a frozen tap aren’t some things which you can survive with. Ask what is the condition of hot and cold water and what are the billing procedures and you will get a clear idea if it’s good for you.

  • Ask for the add ons

A lot of houses come along with add ons such as oven or AC, curtains or carpets or anything else so it’s better to ask what you will be getting to know what not to send with international movers and packers Dubai.