Detox diet and weight loss though shakes

It is more than a disaster if at the time of your important occasion your favorite suit is not fitting up properly. There are two ways to resolve this issue.

  • Buy new suit with all its matching accessories or
  • start a crash diet


Weight loss has always been considered a tough job even if it’s a few days’ program or an event or a resolution of next year. In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, latest fashion brands are available to cater to your needs but they also create desires of fit body and beautiful style of your clothing. Diet plans for weight loss in Abu Dhabi is easily achievable as you can find every type of solution in the state.


We usually measure our body weight on the scale of BMI calculator to find out if we are maintaining healthy weight or not but few people know that BMI calculator has its own limitations.


  1. People with muscular body type and athletes maintain healthy weight but their BMI is higher than 25 due to holding muscular fat on their arms and legs.
  2. Men and women have different body structure so as their body weight. 25 BMI is not optimal scale to measure your healthy weight in respect of gender differences. Female structure also deposits more fat around hip and lower abdomen whiles males are fat absorbent at waist healthy weight is not a key to healthy body if your fat is not appropriate for your body shape.


Consistent approach in weight loss plans is very important for 6-12 weeks but if we talk about crash diets, they give you dramatic results in just a few days. These diets may include some meal replacement shakes which are easy to buy or make and vary according to your budget and taste. These shakes are hunger satisfying and result oriented. As they are designed to give 50-200 calories per serving yet they are full of minerals and vitamins. This is the reason why they work very effectively on human body. Some of these meal replacement shakes are as follows;


1.      Rapid Low Sugar Shakes

2.      Low Crab Shakes

3.      Gluten and dairy free Shakes

4.      Protein Shakes

5.      Probiotics Shakes

6.      Smoothies

7.      Green Teas

8.      Detox Juices


There are plenty of flavors available in the market and many recipes available on internet which will never make you bore of drinking the same flavor every day. These flavors include; lemon, chai latte, salted caramel, choc mint, vanilla, latte, strawberry, banana, coffee, and chocolate.

So enjoy your resolution and glam in your special events with super fit and healthy body.