Enlarging your breasts with and without surgery

Sagging or small breasts is a problem that bothers many women. However, with the plethora of options available, it can be difficult to choose the best route to take especially when cost and downtime is considered. Breasts enlargement can be achieved through exercise, push–up bras, massages, and using a supplement. For the purpose of the discussion, we will focus on the breast enlargement supplements.

There are various natural breast augmentation Dubai products in the market and while many of them work, it is important to choose one that can provide the results you want without leaving a deep hole in your wallet. For this reason, the three best natural breast enlargement products have been chosen.

Breast Active

Breast Active is contains a combination of two products. There is the Breast Active cream jar and the Breast Active supplement jar. This breast enlargement supplement is in the form of a pill and cream. Take the pill as directed and massage you breasts with the cream.

Based on the reports of women who have used it, you will achieve good results within six months and because of the included cream, your breasts will look and feel great. It comes with a money back guarantee.

Total Curve

Total curve comes with an herbal pill that promises a natural breast enlargement. A lifting and firming gel is also included to reduce sagging and make the enlarged breasts more appealing.

This daily breast enlargement product is stuffed with estrogen and herbs to ensure a true enlargement and lift. The lifting gel has Volufiline, which is known to promote breast enhancement in 60 days.


This product, like the other two, promises breast enlargement without surgery. However, Triactol claims to be able to do it in as little as one week, making it a great alternative to breast augmentation in terms of the speed of delivery. In all honesty, getting good results with this product takes as long as the others, a couple of months. It has the same building blocks in terms of estrogen and breast firming substances.


All three natural breast enlargement supplements and cream have been proven to work and have testimonials from numerous women. They also have studies posted on their websites showing the effectiveness of the products. While it is difficult to say which works the best, the one that fits your budget should be chosen. Apart from these products, you can also enhance your appeal by opting for the best botox in Dubai.