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Back pain is most common issue of today’s generation. There are many reasons which cause us this problem. Only if you have ever suffered from this problem, you know how much painful and irritiating it can be. But the good thing is that there are some very effective remedies to get rid of this pain.  However in severe cases you may have to go to a back pain doctor in Dubai for treatment, but in early stages you can cure it with a little effort or care. Following are some remedies to avoid back pain:

1: Exercise: Workout is very necessary to prepare your body to prevent from pain. When you work for so long, you have to sit in an idle position in front of computer all day. It can tire your backbone and causes pain. You should join gym to provide your body strength and fitness. Yoga exercise is also very helpful in relieving stress and refreshing your soul & body. Many people experience yoga very helpful in curing back pain.

2: Heat: Heat can also cure your back pain magically. Application of heat pack on affected back are can help in relieving pain and providing comfort to back. It eases the muscles instantly and you can have a pain free body. Also, taking hot shower can also help with back pain and other pains of body.

3: Taking natural nutrients: Eating healthy keeps you healthy and fit. To ease back pain, drink a lot of water and add more nutrients to your meal. This will strength you spinal cells and you will feel healthy.  For back pain, drink lemon juice. It works magically if you start taking it twice a day. Your back pain will vanish in no time. Another treatment is drinking warm water with mixing honey in it. It has also proven to be very effective remedy for back pain.

4: Comfortable mattress: If you have bad mattress or pillow, you need to replace it at once. This is one of the root causes of having body pains. Irregular shaped mattress or pillow is very harmful for your back. Also, consult it with an expert and get medicated pillow or mattress to have a comfortable or pain free sleep.

5: Do not ignore symptoms: If you do not pay attention to your back pain in start, it may lead to dangerous back problems like scoliosis. Although there are many clinics which provide excellent scoliosis treatment in Dubai, but still you should be very careful in the start to avoid these painful consequences.