Tyre Buying Guide for Newbies!

You can’t deny that tyres are such an important part of any vehicle. No matter how expensive a car is, if the tyres are not good then it will decrease the overall performance of your vehicle. Bad tyres are a threat to your vehicle, to your environment. People get so confused when they think of choosing the right tyre for their cars. Well, it is understandable as not everyone is pro at choosing the right tyres for the vehicle.

There are so many tyre shops in Dubai; the problem comes when you think of choosing the right tyre for your car. Here are some tips which will save you from making the wrong choice:

Don’t buy old tyres

Every tyre comes with an expiry date. if you are living in a city where there is hot climate then chances are that, your tyres will get damaged sooner. When you plan on purchasing a tyre, make sure that you choose the right manufacturer. Do not go for tyres that are close to their expiry date because if you will buy those tyres, you will regret later on.

Choose the tyres of right size

Another thing which you can’t overlook is the size of tyre which you are choosing. It is so very important for you to choose the perfect size of tyre. When you buy a new tyre, you have to compare it with the mentioned size code in the user manual.

Avoid buying tyres from big stores

It is preferable that you don’t go to the big stores to buy tyres. It is not necessary that you will get the best tyres only from big stores. It is so easy for you to purchase top quality tyres online. Moreover, you can avail the amazing packages that are available online for you.


While selecting a tyre from the online shop, don’t forget to check the reviews of that online shop. You need to buy tyres from a reliable store so that if you face any issue with the tyres, you can count on them to help you out. You can check for the different types of tyres online. Most importantly, you can find reviews of the people regarding tyres which you are interested in buying. Reviews will help you in taking the right decision. Visit website if you wish to receive more information related to it.