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Going on a yacht cruise is something that a lot of people would like to do. Lounging in a sea vessel with a beautiful view of the sea is a traveler’s dream. But to be able to fully enjoy your yacht cruise in Dubai, you need to ensure that you are acting appropriately while you are on board.

Here are some basic cruise etiquette that you need to remember when you are on a cruise trip:

  1. Dress appropriately

Some cruise guests try to show off some skin, thinking that it is okay since they are in the middle of the sea in a cruise. But, you need to ensure that the way you dress is not appropriate for the public. Be sure to dress for public view. Dressing appropriately is a way to show respect to other people and the management. If you want to wear a bikini or your swimming gear, go for something that would not bare too much skin.

  1. Respect other guests

When you are in a cruise trip, you need to keep in mind that you are with other guests. Hence, you need to show respect at all times. For instance, you need to ensure to keep your space from them. Some guests prefer to be alone, so avoid bothering them and give them their space. If they approach you, be polite and friendly. Show your best smile and try to strike a friendly conversation with other guests.

  1. Do not hassle the staff

There will be instances when the staff will not be able to attend to your requests immediately. Do not get mad and try to be more understanding. There will be times that the cruise crew and staff will be serving a number of people. Try to follow up in nice way your requests and ask them nicely if there is a way to expedite the process.

  1. Keep your alcohol in check

Some cruise ships and tours are allowed to serve alcohol to the guests. But having alcohol doesn’t mean that you will get drunk and disorderly. Cruise management always remind guest to keep their alcohol level in check. Being drunk and disorderly on a cruise trip will bring inconvenience not only to the crew, but to other guests as well. Be sure to drink moderately while you are aboard.

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