A basic guide to Dubai desert safari

There are many different activities that you can take part in while visiting Dubai. However, the one that is most famous amongst them is that of the Dubai desert safari. For those who don’t know, this is basically a trip that makes it possible for you to head out in to the depths of the Arabian desert. This is done, in most cases, on a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser or any other modern vehicle that is a good pick for this purpose.

Details about the journey

In order to get started with the trip, the tour operator is going to pick you up from the hotel in the vehicle that will be used for the morning desert safari dubai. In a majority of cases, this vehicle will have 6 seats. However, if you want to have a bit more privacy for yourself, it is best for you to speaking to a tourism company and ask for a cheaper rate so as to get a vehicle only for yourself. Once you are onboard, you will be driven to a meeting point where all the different vehicle heading out for the safari will gather around. If truth be told, this is going to be a roller coaster ride that you will be part of. The driver is going to take the vehicle up and down the huge sand dunes that Dubai is so famous for.

Once the convoy starts, you will be taken into the depths of the desert. Once there, it will stop in the middle of the desert so you can take part is many other activities as well. If you want, you can hop on for a camel ride right in the middle of the desert. There are plenty of camel farms there and you will surely have a good time riding one. Apart from that, you can also visit one of the many villages out there in the desert. By visiting one of them, it will be possible for you to explore the life of a true Bedouin village. You can take pictures, have a special meal prepared by the villagers and basically just have the time of your life. If you want, you can also enjoy an exquisite belly dance by some of the most outstanding dancers you will ever come across.

There are many other things as well that you can do during your trip. You can take on an city tour in dubai for instance. On the whole, there are plenty of activities for you to choose from.