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Everything around us has some kind of myths; even the smallest thing will have myths. There are some people who love to exaggerate things. You will find it funny that some people say that their old folks say that one should not cut nails at night! Now, you must be wondering that why would anyone will have a problem with such thing and you will be laughing to know that some people believe that if you cut nails at night, it can prick someone and the nails are dirty and if someone gets a prick bad, they can get different diseases. And some say that the nails can go into the food, now who eats food and cuts nails at the same time?

Some people are ultra legends who think that ghosts don’t like this habit at all. Always remember that whenever you hear a myth, ignore it. If you are about to try out vape for the first time, then we know that how some home made scholars will tell you bad things about it. No doubt that they have but they are not so bad at all and, in this post, we have mentioned all about the myth and facts that the people have made up themselves, this post is also good for those people who are about or have started the vape business and these busters are provided to us by Smok novo and by the best vape shop that we know;

  1. People say that doing vape is harmless. We have already mentioned above that people say that the vape is bad. It is not bad but the fact is that it is harmful. But to people, you can tell them that you do it for less than one hour and that also in intervals.
  2. And if you did vape in intervals, then it is not that harmful at all. There is a saying that too much of anything is bad and that is how you can prevent yourself from getting kind of bad thing.
  3. The next thing that people say that it does not have nicotine. But the fact is that it has double the nicotine but the good news is that you can control the amount of nicotine you want to enable in the vape and juice.