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Teeth are a scary matter especially when it comes to the new born and children. They start to develop their teeth since before they are even born which starts to show up once they are 6 months old, this milk tooth fade away and turn into permanent teeth. But in that course of time you will need to take care of your child’s teeth until they become mature enough to do that itself. Best pediatric dentist in Dubai have compiled a few facts that you must know to take good care of your children:

  • Tooth decay is common than you might think it is

If your child is between the ages of 2-11 and suffers from cavities then it isn’t something rare and unknown. Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood oral dental conditions that they suffer from. Tooth decay which is accompanied with cavities is known to be more common than asthma and diabetes in children. Tooth decay can surely affect the health of your child and become harmful for them.

  • Cavities can be reversed

Even though cavities are a pretty common oral health issue, it doesn’t mean that tooth have to decay with it and die. Most toothpaste contains fluoride which helps in prevention and sometimes even reversing the tooth decay at an early stage. Enamel is a layer of tissue as thick as bone which covers the sensitive parts of a tooth so when this enamel is strong enough; it makes sure to protect the tooth.

  • Sweet tooth doesn’t only have to be the cause of decay

Children who eat sweets are surely at a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities but they are not only to blame as there are other factors as well which play major role decay. Tooth decay is formed due to acid producing bacterium which feeds off of carbohydrates and there are many different starchy snacks other than sweets which contain carbohydrate such as cookies, crackers, breads and etc. Root canal specialist Dubai asks children to brush their teeth as soon as they are done eating to prevent decay.

There are many different things which can be harmful for children’s health and this is why the responsibility of parents increases all the more.